Ambassador Program

Science Club for Girls fosters excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls, particularly from underrepresented communities, by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering & mathematics.

Who are Ambassadors?

  • Ambassadors are a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for the SCFG mission
  • Donors who help to inspire underrepresented young girls to become the next generation of scientists, engineers and health professionals by sustaining SCFG on an annual basis
  • Networking representatives who actively and enthusiastically communicate the SCFG brand to our personal, professional, and social networks
  • Fundraisers who volunteer their time and talents to help organize and bring potential donors & corporate sponsors to small and large fundraising events
  • Individuals interested in a larger commitment may also be mentored as potential future board members as they learn about the organization and how it functions

The Ambassador Pledge

Starting with fiscal year 2015-16 (FY16), SCFG Ambassadors are asked to make a formal commitment to the organization and to renew this pledge annually.

In order to qualify as an SCFG Ambassador, all core commitments (Section 1) and at least one supplemental commitment (in Section 2) must be fulfilled. These options are meant to provide flexibility to Ambassadors so that they may balance their time and/or financial commitments from year to year.