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Science Club for Girls Ambassador Program

What Makes An Ambassador An Ambassador?

Science Club for Girls Ambassadors play a crucial role in the sustainability and growth of the clubs and the long term viability of the organization. A dedicated network of men and women committed to forwarding the SCFG mission, Ambassadors are depended upon to act as passionate advocates on behalf of what the organization offers for girls and young women through life. Within their communities and among their personal and professional networks, Ambassadors are those who can articulate the importance of the SCFG mission and represent the organization in ways that encourage and inspire those around them to become informed and involved.

Why your role matters – for you and the girls!

At SCFG, we pride ourselves on making girls see the world in a new way. Frankly, our clubs are fun. So, too, are our Ambassadors. Our group meetups enable professionals to network, interact, eat, drink and enjoy as like-minded individuals with a shared purpose between them. Ambassadors are a tight-knit network of individuals, many of whom have made connections that have lead to new jobs or – yes – more fun. SCFG is a well-respected organization so your involvement shows your employer or prospective employers your commitment to a great cause within the science community.

Ambassador Feature

Meet an Ambassador
Ming-Tai Huh

I’ve been involved with Science Club for Girls since 2010, when my friend and SCFG board member Uche Amaechi introduced me to the organization. I wanted to help with involving technology professionals for corporate and individual donor fundraising, and to support these programs that are near and dear to my childhood upbringing.

As a kid, I participated in a STEM program in the City of Chicago in the early 90’s during the summers (thanks Mom!). It encouraged my interest in science and computers which are all important to my life and career 25 years later! I believe SCFG can do the same for the communities it serves on a weekly, all-year round basis. SCFG provides and nourishes a STEM education for girls that is critical to our world’s sustainability and youth’s futures.

As an MIT graduate and member of greater Boston’s technology and entrepreneurial community, I’m proud to be involved with SCFG and I’ve found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. For the 2011 Catalyst Event, I was the co-chair with Kimberly Dwyer, we raised a record $52K that nearly doubled the previous years fundraising total.

How Do Ambassadors Help?

Like and share on social media – show your commitment and encourage your network to learn about this work. Tell your story in person – being an Ambassador means you’re passionate about helping to imbue under represented girls with the confidence, curiosity, mentorship and friendship that SCFG promotes. When you tell family, friends and coworkers about your work with us, you show yourself to be committed to the greater community as a whole. Invite a friend – bring someone with you when you come to an SCFG event, and connect them to SCFG leaders or girls; chances are they’ll be as inspired as you are. Raise money – whether an individual donor or a corporate sponsor, your efforts enable us to bring ever-better programs and clubs to our girls. Get involved – we love it when our Ambassadors volunteer, because the more they work with our girls and young women, the stronger our programs become. Join us anytime and feed your curiosity and your spirit.

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