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Our campus chapters build sisterhood and develop leaders among our mentors. If you are interested in learning more about the process and commitment of having a chapter on campus, please email us.

The very first established student organization of Science Club for Girls was formed by Northeastern University students Anna Craver and Kristin Salomon in September of 2010. Anna and Kristin first met when they volunteered with SCFG at the Tobin School in Boston during the fall of 2009. Now, Northeastern runs its very own SCFG site on Saturdays in International Village and has grown to include 20 mentors, 12 Junior Mentors, and 8 Executive Board Members. This group also hosts General Meetings to connect Northeastern students who support women in STEM and students who may volunteer at other SCFG sites around Boston. Their big event every year, Show Me the Science, is held in the spring and coordinates with other STEM-based clubs at Northeastern to facilitate fun, educational activities for the young girls. If you are currently a student at Northeastern and are interested in getting involved with this amazing group of women, please email us.

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The second established student organization of Science Club for Girls, formed in April of 2011 by Harvard University students Eva Gillis-Buck and Meredith MacGregor. These two young women have been volunteering with SCFG since last year and wanted to bring all the fun they were having at clubs to the Harvard community! This group is excited to continue its momentum and looks forward to being a great presence on campus. If you are currently a student at Harvard and are interested in getting involved with this amazing group of women, please email us.

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The Boston College SCFG Campus Chapter was formed in the Spring of 2012 by two amazing students, Megan Sulciner and Molly Gilligan. After volunteering at sites in both Newton and Cambridge, they worked diligently with SCFG to start a site at the Edison School in Brighton. Now in its fourth active year, the Edison site has expanded and now boasts three K-5 programs with nine dedicated and talented science mentors. The current BC Chapter Presidents have also spearheaded an on-campus mentorship program, where Junior and Senior science majors studying an array of disciplines mentor underclassman to build stronger female scientific community at Boston College. If you are currently a student at Boston College and are interested in getting involved, please email us.
Learn more about Boston College’s SCFG Campus Chapter from Boston College: The Heights article.

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In the spring of 2013, Cardin Kennedy ’14 set off to start a science mentoring program at Wellesley College that targeted underserved female youths. She later connected with Jocelyne Dolce and Connie Bauman, two faculty advisors with the same vision who already had established programs that aligned with Cardin’s goals. With the expertise from Jocelyn Dolce’s previous work with SCFG and Connie Bauman’s work with SLAM DUNK (a sports medicine mentoring group with the goal to “pay it forward”), the Wellesley College Chapter of SCFG was born!
Wellesley College’s chapter includes a program called SLAM DUNK, an offshoot of Connie Bauman’s sports medicine mentoring program. Today, the SLAM DUNK program involves a classroom in which we teach a student-designed curriculum. This program has expanded its scope to include curricula beyond sports medicine, such as the human body in space, plant biology, and biochemistry. Additionally, each year, we hold our annual Science Fair on campus. We invite a myriad of student-run science organizations to demonstrate the various forms of STEM to young girls. We also participate in a Science Expostion at a local high school where we teach DNA extraction and a lesson from the SLAM DUNK curriculum.
We are excited to “pay it forward” to budding, female emerging scientists. Are you a current Wellesley student who wants to share your passion for science and impact young girls’ lives? If so, contact us at and join our Science Outreach mentoring sisterhood. Check us out and like our Facebook page!

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Calling all UMass Lowell students in STEM! Help Science Club for Girls start a UMass Lowell – SCFG chapter. For more information, please email us.

Calling all Merrimack College students in STEM! Help Science Club for Girls start a Merrimack College – SCFG chapter. For more information, please email us.