"If we were to place well in this competition, we would gain recognition, push boundaries and inspire other girls to explore careers in STEM"

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Help us compete in the 2013 Team America Rocketry Challenge Final!

Teckorette is amongst the top 100 in the nation and has been invited to participate in the Team America Rocketry Challenge Finals on May 11th. We are so excited! Read more about how we did here.

Update: Thanks to the generous contribution of many individuals, including former mentors Peter Young and Ariane Chepko and others*, as well as Draper Laboratory and the Mass Space Grant Consortium, we raised $4500 by April 30, so the team is on its way! But we need raise $5,000 before April 30th so ALL of us who have worked together on the rocket can go as a team so we can SOAR.

You can still make a donation here. These funds will be used to purchase extra rocket motors, conduct additional test launches and refine our rockets so we can be at our best at the final, and will go towards the program next year!


See our video on YouTube.

*Thanks to our wonderful donors. You ROCKet!! =-)
Andrew Laffin * Ariane Chepko * Ashley Wolf * Benjamin Linder * Britt Fitch * Dale Blank * David Salomon * David Setser * Emily Conn * Ernie Cormier * James Salem * Jessica McKellar * Jo-Louise Allen * Katherine Almendinger * Kelly Gaule * Lydia Villa-Komaroff * MaryAnne Piechocki * Maxwell Solet * Nina Dudnik * Phoebe Couch * Sarah Wall * Sharon Cohen * Susan Geronimus

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