The biggest program of C.E.L.L.S. is our 7-12th grade Junior Mentor (JM) Program. It is a leadership program where upper middle and high school girls serve as co-teachers and near-peer mentors in the Science Clubs. It is also a job preparation program as adolescent girls practice teamwork, communication and other 21st century skills. JMs (pronounced “gems”) receive a stipend, and for many, this is an important and meaningful first job.

Junior Mentors lead and mentor a group of younger girls through science and engineering experiments side by side with other Junior Mentors and adult volunteers. Junior Mentors working for SCFG for the first time ever are considered to be Junior Mentors In-Training (JMiT).

The Peer Mentor track encourages and recognizes leadership and skill competency. JMs who are in their junior or senior year of high school, have been with SCFG or other STEM program for more than one year and who have exhibited strengths in teaching are invited to lead their own Science Clubs as Peer Mentors.

What it is like to be a JM

An 8th grade girls said, “The benefits of being a Junior Mentor in Science Club for Girls are plenty. First, by assisting the Mentor each week I get to review basic science and get practice on being a leader. Second, I get my fellow Junior Mentors as friends and people I can trust. Third, when we go on field trips I get to have fun and meet role model women who are scientists. The biggest benefit is being encouraged to like science even though I am a girl”.