Letters to My Young Self Project

Ever wish you could share the wisdom of your experience with the younger you?

The next best thing to time-travel (we’re still working on that one, so stay tuned), the “Letters to My Young Self” project is an opportunity to do just that. Send a note from the future to your 6, 13 or 22 year-old self – and the countless present-day girls just like her – about school, career, life, whatever. Let her know that she is going to be more than OK…she’s going to be amazing.

Explore examples of past submissions or submit your own letter.

Questions? Click here for answers and other guidelines.


Here are this week’s featured letters.

Yes, you can!

Dearest Sar, Remember the day that you dissected watches in your father’s store in an attempt to replace old batteries? Remember when you labeled this … Continue reading

Nicole’s Letter to Her High School Self

Dear Nicole, You’ve made it to high school! Congratulations. In this new academic environment, you’ll find your share of obstacles and challenges, but keep your … Continue reading

Get Excited! One Day You’ll Get To…

Dear 7th grade Claire, Hey Claire! You just finished an English assignment to write a letter to your future 12th grade self. Twelve year old … Continue reading

Remember From Whence You Came

Dear Eleanor, You are thirteen-years old now and will graduate from the eighth grade in May. Your grades in Literature and Vocabulary and Social Studies … Continue reading

Continue To Be Curious

Hiya! (That’s what our grandmother would say.) As with all of my advice, I can only tell you what has been working for me, but, … Continue reading

Dear 13 from 27

Dear 13-year old Terina on International Women’s Day, You don’t like odd numbers. You’re a little superstitious like that sometimes. It’s because you don’t yet … Continue reading

In Retrospect – Letter From Alyssa W.

Hey, you. Long time no see. It’s been a while. You’re probably curious, from what I remember, about the future. You’re full of some healthy … Continue reading

Janet Keefe’s Letter to Her High-School Self

Dear Janet in high school: As you approach the end of high school and head off to college, there are some things I wanted to … Continue reading

Mareshia Donald’s letter to her young self

There are going to be many times you feel like you don’t belong. You’re a girl who likes science and math. You’re black. Your job is going to be to ignore those nagging goblins that say awful things like “you’re not cut out for this” and “you don’t deserve to be here.” Continue reading

Virologist Greetchen Diaz-Muñoz’s Letter to her Young Self

since your childhood, you have looked to the sky with fascination and asked it a thousand questions. Is the sky infinite? What’s beyond what your eyes can see? What does it feel to touch a cloud? Continue reading