2013: Thank YOU for a great year!

We are so grateful for the volunteers, mentors and partners, as well as funders and donors who make it possible for hundreds of girls to discover, learn a new skill, and to view themselves and the world differently. Below are some highlights of the year.

We need your support to help girls grow and soar! Please make a generous donation, or commit to a monthly or quarterly contribution so we can continue and expand these opportunities.
If you don’t have much time, watch this 48-second video for a quick update. For an overview of Science Club for Girls, see this 3-minute video created by one of our funders, TUGG.

January: Regeneration

zebrafish program

20 high school girls learned about stem cell biology, genetics and more through Girls with a Z, the 2nd year of this zebrafish biology program. Two of the participants talk about how Science Club for Girls changed their perspectives in this video. Can’t believe we’ll be starting this program for the 3rd year in a few days at Simmons College!

February: Been there, Code that

Paypal Field Trip - MAP Monster-Yaz Arduino - Mons - 3

Putting Girls on the MAP (mobile apps project) is one of several new technology programs introduced this year. 15 young women, most with little access and exposure to technology, learnt the basics of mobile app development through AppInventor and explored careers through field trips. Another group learned about physical programming through Arduino and creating a “monster” soft toy that is controlled by the code.

Thanks for everyone who’s been contributing to the Laptop Challenge with cash, and those who have contributed actual laptops!

March: The Rocket Team SOARS!

RocketTeam2013 RocketTeam

The Rocket Team conducted the qualifying flight that led them to the 2013 Team America Rocketry Challenge finals in Virginia in May. Thanks to everyone who made their trip a reality! Let’s send them to the finals again this year!

April: STEM is for Sharing


Our elementary school participants and their teen mentors shared their projects at the annual Everybody Loves Science showcase; and our teen interns and media team members presented their work publicly at the Cambridge Science Festival Carnival.

Junior Mentors Zian and Ashley talk about their experience teaching young girls about science and engineering in this video. Zainab talks about her research project at the Cambridge Science Festival, and her internship experience, here.

The 2014 ELS will be on April 12th. Hope to see you! And yes, our girls will be at the CSF Carnival.

May: Teen STEMinists Rock!

Monster Programming-2 weatherballoon-Tati Cellsebration - Media Team InternshipPresentation

At the first CELLSebration showcase, our rocket builders, filmmakers, app designers, engineers, marine biologists, computer programmers, journalists, geneticists, and microbiologists shared their research, projects and stories with over 100 guests. (CELLS is an acronym for Career Exploration, Leadership and Life Skills.)

Come be wowed by our young women on May 15, 2014. The Broad Institute will be hosting us again.

June: Comings and Goings

Kate P Maura-BestofBest

We welcomed Kate Pickle as our first Senior Program Director. Kate has a background in marine sciences and environmental consulting, but has spent the past 12 years developing and implementing out-of-school programs and partnerships to advance girls in STEM.

We were sad to send our Teen Program Director Erika O’Bannon off to graduate school, but delighted to have Maura Hackett head the new team. Maura has a background in public health and has used her expertise as a captain to engage inner city teens in positive youth development and in science.

July: STEM Discovery in the Summer

YLS VacationWk-2-Soap VacationWk

The Young Leaders in STEM summer program led 12 Cantabrigians teens on a 6-week discovery of careers and applications in civil engineering, chemistry, technology, biopharma, and more in and around Boston. The City of Cambridge recognized the program with a Best of the Best award. (See Maura in the May photo above).

Girls in the Summer Vacation Week program made soap, sorted paleontological matrix (aka dirt) and more.

Your support can help us offer YLS to a group of 12-15 girls in Boston, and increase the number of Vacation Week programs in summer 2014.

August: The Team Expands

LydiaP GinaV

An exciting month as Lydia Peabody joined us as the K-5 Program Director and new Mass Promise Fellow Gina Varamo (both shown above) joined the Teen Program team, along with Melissa Hirsch, manager of our Lawrence programs. Kelly Baker returned for a second year as Ambassador of Mentoring to head up a diversity initiative for our volunteer programs. Dina Beauchamp also joined us as the Resource & Logistics Coordinator–the MOST important position in the organization!

We would love to keep our AmeriCorps Fellows on staff next year, as they are most wonderful human beings, and our programs will benefit from the continuity. You can make this a reality!

September: SCFG In the New York Times

Science Club for Girls and our executive director were quoted in the New York Times article, Mystery of the Missing Women in Science. As many of you have heard us say, “It’s not a mystery. It just requires the dedication of people like you to build the right ecosystem”.

October: Making STEM Real through Internships

interns aecom plant-genetics
We launched the second year of our internship program, with projects in web app development, genetics of flowering plants, underwater ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), civil engineering/urban planning and zebrafish development. Girls are placed at Harvard University, AECOM, Aurora, Children’s Hospital and Bocoup. These young women shared the preliminary projects in December with their mentors and supporters. Read about their projects on the Internship Blog.

November: Honoring STEM Catalysts

Malcom Chayes Bonney-2
Awardees Shirley Malcom, Jennifer Chayes and Michael Bonney inspired us with their lives and wise words. Our girls also charmed the audience! Thanks to these sponsors and our guests for financial and other support.

Want to sponsor our 20th Anniversary Catalyst event next year? Send us an email. Make sure you get our save-the-date and other announcements by signing on to our mailing list.

December: Giving Back to Those Who Give

ProfessionalMentoring 2013

The Volunteer Program Team kicked off the Career Mentoring Program, connecting professional women in STEM with our college volunteers mentors. We would like to expand this program next year. Let us know if you’re interested .

Other events of note

We added 5 new board members this year! They are Molly Ruddock (Draper Labs), Pradeep Aradhya (Novus Laurus), Sarah Cardozo Duncan (Career Strategist), Joanne Kamens (Addgene) and Vicki Appel (JobScience).
Appel- CardozoDuncan
Brandeis University created the latest campus chapter.
Our executive director was recognized by YWCA Cambridge amongst other Outstanding Women of Cambridge.

We look forward to another wonderful new year with you by our side! Your annual, monthly or quarterly contributions will make a world of difference. Thank you!

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