4 Types of Chemical Bonds

Our Teen summer program, Young Leaders in Science (YLS), came to a close yesterday with a Showcase held at Simmons College.

YLS Showcase 2016

SCFG’s teen girls gave speaking presentations and hands-on demonstrations to showcase all that they learned this summer. From wearable technology to creating new types of metals, our girls impressed attendees with their knowledge and passion for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Notably, showcase attendees learned that there are actually 4 types of chemical bonds.

  1. ionic
  2. covalent
  3. polar covalent
  4. the bond of sisterhood


sisterhood: the 4th type of bond

sisterhood: the 4th type of bond

This fourth type of bond is not technically scientific but felt everyday by our YLS girls.  It is spread throughout our K-5 clubs, STEMinistas, and Teen Programs. It is shared by SCFG’s adult mentors and donors.  Sisterhood is the backbone of Science Club for Girls.  Thank you to all of our teen participants and to our donors who gave us another summer of #TeenSTEM!

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