Alumnae Stories: Elena. Like going to the dentist…

When her mother signed her up Science Club for Girls in the 6th grade, Elena was completely against it.

“I never had the opportunity to do real experiments until I joined, so I never thought that I would enjoy science,” Elena said.

Elena as a volunteer mentor

Elena as a volunteer mentor

“I quickly came to love Science Club for Girls,” as a junior mentor throughout middle school and high school.

“Looking back, I don’t know if I would have ever really pursued science in school had I not been involved with SCFG.”

Her favorite experiment with the club was dissecting sea stars and fish in the 6th grade.

“It was amazing to me because I’d never done a dissection before,” Elena said, adding that her classroom activities throughout elementary and middle school were “boring at best.” Aside from SCFG, she had no real interest in science until taking higher-level classes in high school.

Even as a first year student at Harvard University she finds time to be active within the club, having finished her first semester as a mentor-scientist.

“Science Club for Girls definitely encouraged me to keep going in the sciences. I love teaching the younger girls new scientific concepts and watching their amazement when they finally understand how what they’ve learned is being demonstrated in the club activities,” Elena said.

That passion for teaching younger girls is what keeps her involved with the club and in part why she’s had a continued interest in the sciences throughout her education.

Elena plans to study life sciences and later go into dentistry. In the meantime, she’ll continue to teach and act as a positive influence on young women in Science Club for Girls.

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