Biochemist Chitra Thakur-Mahadik’s Letter to her young self

Dr. Thakur-Mahadik obtained her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in biochemistry and hemoglobinopathy from the University of Mumbai. She was a staff scientist at B J Wadia Hospital for Children in Mumbai, India for 25 years and recently moved to the Bay area.

Dear younger self,

Wait! There is no way that you are who you think you are! You are somebody and God has sent you here with a job to do. You may belong to a lower or middle class family with many siblings. But your job is to study–no, to learn and get knowledge. What if you are partially sighted? The future is ahead and it is not bad!

Get to college, fight with difficulties, and be fearless but be compassionate to yourself and others. Grow up. There may not be not seem to be anyone to guide you what to do in life. Somebody, an enlightened person, will be there to hold your hand and show you a path. Just be brave, keep your eyes and ears open and face the world happily. What if there are limitations? Work through them with awareness.



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