Farewell and good luck to Rosalind Gould & Julia Bair

We’d love to keep the amazing Rosalind Gould and Julia Bair forever, as they have been such forces for good both in the communities that they have been working–Cambridge and Lawrence, respectively–as well as within Science Club for Girls. But alas, they have graduate school and the outdoors to pursue.

Roz has built a vibrant community at the Amigos School the last two years, and has been instrumental in testing a program evaluation tool and then helping the rest of the program managers with broader implementation across sites. This is a major legacy to have left behind.

In the last year, Roz has been pursuing a masters degree in library science and will take this coming year to complete her degree.

Julia has similarly made many friends and created important partnerships in Lawrence. Everyone who’s worked with her loves her energy. She’s built such strong relationships with our teen mentors there–we are sure she will be sorely missed. We are grateful for the strong community foundation that she has built in Lawrence and look forward to picking up where she left off and move our organization forward.

Julia’s great love is the outdoors and she has brought to us environmental education curricula. She will be working with Outward Bound in New York this coming year–after what sounds like an amazing gig on a boat in the Carribean as an education director in the summer.

Roz and Julia: best of luck in your new adventures. Thank you, and we’ll miss you!

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