Call for submissions: Letters to my young self

Do you have wish you could travel back in time to share with your 6-, 13- or even 22-year-old self, a golden nugget about life, career or academics; to tip off the younger you with that little bit of knowledge of the future that would have assuaged some fear, or bestowed comfort; to pull her up when she was beating herself down for “failing” at whatever?

back_to_the_future 2

Now you can. Sort of.

If you are a geek girl at heart, and practice science and engineering professionally or as a hobby, we invite you to contribute to Science Club for Girls’ blog project, Letters to my Young Self, published in March to celebrate Women’s History Month. We are looking for people from diverse backgrounds, and stages in their careers. Contributors range from 20 somethings to 60+; have included astrobiologist, veterinary student, food scientist, human-interface engineer; born or live in South Africa, Brazil, Boston and Oregon. And we love them all.

Preparing your thoughts for this is a great reflective exercise, and what you share is very valuable to young and not-so-young women on their path. And you just might get posted on HuffPost. Details and history here.



“Letter” is loosely defined. Most have chosen the written word (5-800 words or shorter). We have had one video (~2 min) and will take animation, a musical rendition, or a podcast. Really!

We would love to have a photo of you either at that age or another picture of you in your days of innocence, but a contemporary photo will also do.

Lastly, please include a 150-word layperson-friendly bio so that we know what cool career or project you are involved in now. If there’s a link to your professional bio or blog, we will add that too. Oh, and we would love to cross-post to or from your blog.

If you’re in, please sign up on this form so we know what to expect. We’ll also send you a nudge.

Submission and Deadline

Submission is taken throughout the year. But we know you all want a real deadline. The first hard deadline is January 31st, second is February 28th. Send to


So you don’t want to write a long letter and have a short bit of wisdom to share? Post it on this form, or create your own text quote image. We will dress it up or post as is to our Facebook page and send the image out on twitter.

We eagerly await your epistle.


Thanks for spreading the word, and for inspiring women in STEM!

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