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Santi - then and now

Santi – then and now

Hiya! (That’s what our grandmother would say.)

As with all of my advice, I can only tell you what has been working for me, but, I’ll do my best. Here’s my list of 10 recommendations based on my experiences as Future You. In pure Santi style, some of the enumerated items might actually contain a few bits of advice in one. Also, in pure Santi style, this list, although numbered, isn’t meant to create a hierarchy of advice. Just sayin’.

1. Continue to be curious. Keep asking questions and doing your best to find answers. Be persistent, but also be patient and be understanding.

2. Be brave and try new things, even if you have to try them by yourself.

3. Learn how you learn. Take the time to find out that you’re a visual learner and that you love graphs, charts, and design. It will help you with school and work and pretty much everything.

4. Keep being grateful and keep appreciating people, but remember to take the time to care for yourself. Take moments to enjoy your accomplishments, even if you feel like they’re “no big deal”.

5. You’ll have many mentors in your life. Remember that it’s alright to connect with different mentors and that in the end you’ll have to do the best you can to use all of the information you take in to make the most educated decision that’s best for you.

6. Try to put less pressure on yourself to say ‘yes’ to everything that people ask of you. It’s difficult to make everyone happy all of the time. Try to find out what makes you happy.

7. Keep dancing and keep making art. Biking is your best friend. You’ll go on to bike across the country and have lots of other outdoor adventures. That’s what will continue to help you find peace in a very busy world.

8. Be intense, be excited, it’s OK, even if people think you’re too enthusiastic and think that’s weird, just be you.

9. Laugh. Be silly. Discover that part of yourself. Surround yourself with people who feel comfortable being silly around.

10. Build partnerships and connect with people. You love talking to people and listening to people’s stories. Invest in your community. Continue being optimistic and working toward a positive and inclusive vision of the future.

See you soon!


Future You

Santi Dewa Ayu is the Education Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester (BGCD). BGCD’s mission is to inspire and enable all young people, from diverse circumstances, to realize their full potential by providing opportunities for personal growth to become contributing, caring and responsible members of the community. Santi began her seven years with BGCD as a member of the Commonwealth Core through the Massachusetts Service Alliance. Santi directs multiple initiatives at BGCD, including 1:1 Mentoring, Homework Help, Math Club, Reading Club, and Theatre Production. She organizes creative events to engage BGCD club members, their families, and the community such as Family Game Night, Literacy Night, and the Annual Education Celebration. In addition to managing programs and promoting events, Santi facilitates partnerships with multiple universities as well as with elementary schools and high schools in Boston and the surrounding area. She is committed to building a community invested in civic engagement and works to ensure that, as stakeholders, youth are involved in the decision making process across all areas of programming and evaluation. Santi holds a BA in Economics with minors in English and Dance from the University of Massachusetts Boston Honors College as well as a Nonprofit Management and Leadership Certificate from the Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Boston University. This upcoming fall Santi will be pursuing her Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is also a proud alumna of Science Club for Girls – Cambridgeport School site, late 90’s!

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