Intern Mid-Year Presentations

Last Wednesday, January 14th, the interns had their first opportunity to present their research to their family, fellow interns, mentors, and some amazing guests. In a word, the presentations were: incredible!


For the first hour of our event, the students were able to meet with their mentors to discuss future directions for the internship, as well as evaluate how they have been working together as a team. This is only the halfway point for the program, so there is still so much more to accomplish!

beginning discussion

We also turned the tables a bit before our guests arrived and had the mentors discuss what their vision of the internship has been so far: some mentors are using proper laboratory notebooks for data collection, some are having the students develop their own individual projects, some are making sure that their students are getting to participate in events like lab meetings and seminars. Having a chance to see what the other groups are doing was very well received, especially among new mentors.

mentors discussing students

For the main event, the students welcomed some very special invited guests, including Mary McGowan (a founder of SCFG), our new ED Lonsdale Koester, past and present mentors, members of our board, a host of SCFG staff, and some fantastic parents! All of those in attendance were given “comment cards” to fill out, providing the girls with valuable feedback about their presentations and some suggestions for how to improve moving forward. Running through the responses after the event, I can say that they certainly echoed the fantastic job that the students did.



SCFG would like to thank the local establishments that very generously donated food for our event: Otto, Petsi’s Pies, and Insomnia Cookies. If you are interested in donating food for a SCFG event, please reach out to us! All of our contact information is on our website.


And finally, I want to take a moment to acknowledge Alyssa for what our new ED called a “grace-under-pressure” moment: the projector was not working for her turn at presenting, so she used a chair on a table to show her work on a macbook! Incredible on-your-feet thinking, and a fantastic presentation despite technical difficulties. Cheers, Alyssa!


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