Science Clubs: Let the imagining, designing and creating begin anew

K-5 Program Director Lydia Peabody shares her thoughts on the start of the fall semester of Science Clubs.

We are entering one of my favorite times of the year. Nights are getting cooler, but there are still beautiful sunny days to use for going out and exploring the world. The trees are changing colors, motivating budding young scientists, and the rest of us, to look for explanations for what happens in the world around us. With such visible changes offering up the enticement to ask questions and seek answers about the world we live in, it is the perfect time to kick off Science Club for Girls elementary programs.


By the second week of October, Science Club for Girls had 31 clubs for kindergarten to 5th grade girls up and running in 10 locations around Boston, Cambridge, Newton, and Lawrence, providing opportunities for over 330 girls to ask questions, search for answers, and get excited about what they’ll be doing in Science Club this Fall. We renew our connections to families and girls who have explored with us in the past. And we welcome our new participants and new partners as we begin a semester of inquiry, science, and sisterhood.

In the excitement of the first day of clubs, we see the value of long hours spent planning, recruiting girls and mentors, and gathering the toothpicks, gumdrops, straws, and paperclips that will be repurposed as tools of STEM inquiry.


Visiting the first day of clubs at Mother Caroline Academy, I hear a 4th grade girl ask, “We’re doing engineering this semester, so we get to build stuff, right?” The affirmative response from her mentor-scientist prompts the comment, “Awesome!!” as she skips down the hall between the end of school and the start of clubs. This conversation, and many others like it, show me that all the pieces are in place for a successful semester. The enthusiasm, intelligence, and wonder shared by mentors and girls alike inspires the beginnings of scientific literacy and confidence that will help see these girls through the challenging years of change in middle school and beyond.

We are thrilled to be drawing on so much experience for the 20th year of Science Club for Girls programming, supporting girls to join the next generation of STEM professionals imagining, designing and creating a new future for us all.

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