Letter to My Future Self

As a twist in the plot, we have asked our Junior Mentors to express their dreams about their future by writing a letter to their future self. Here are two samples. Enjoy!


Dear Sila,

Even at this age, I have many expectations and thoughts of how you would turn out. Right now I am only in 9th grade, but I dream that as you read this you are in college at either Harvard or Yale studying to be a doctor. I also see you traveling places and helping people. I hope that you are still as interested in science as I am now.

Even in 9th grade, I have learned to question many of the things that I learn, especially in science. Why does it work like that? How do you know if you can’t see it? As a doctor, I hope that you can find cures for diseases that can be prevented and help people around the world that actually need it.

Aside from academics I always hoped that you would go to beauty school and open a hair salon or become a makeup artist. Keep your hopes up and follow your dreams!! I hope that in the future as you read this, you can say, my dreams came true. 🙂



Dear Jacqueline G.,

Hello dancer! I know you’re a graduate from a very popular dance school. And I know you are also singing because you have such a great passion for music. You probably still live with mom and dad, but you are also in a relationship and probably almost ready to settle down and begin the real grown up life. I am writing this at age 15 and you’re not sure where your life is going but you are confident. Now you’re older and you read this and laugh.

Right now I am doing Science Club for Girls, Dance Complex, Upward Bound, and Project Move/Reach. Your bestie is Amalia and I know you two are still very close. I hope you have your license because I know you have a fear for driving. I hope you have enough to support yourself. You want to go to Harvard. How did that go? Hopefully, you graduated from CRLS with First Honors.

Well, I hope you accomplished every single one of of your dreams, that you’re confident about yourself, and that you definitely know what you are doing with yourself.

By the way, possible daughter names: Camila or Karen. Son: Juan Diego. Well, bye. And I hope you have that HUGE walk in closet filled with clothes!

March 12, 2010
P.S. I love you, love your self
Live, Laugh, Learn


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