Mentoring inspires aspiration

We were so moved by this note that we received from our long-time mentor Brendan Raftery:


Neira is a senior at Boston Latin, and participated in Media Team last year. She showed a strong interest in pursuing a career in biomedical research, and was really interested in attending MCPHS, so I have kept in touch with her since the end of the program last year.

I wrote her a letter of recommendation for MCPHS, and found out that she got in (along with a merit scholarship)! When I was talking to her earlier today, she said, “hopefully I’ll be the person to discover the cure for cancer.”

That statement really struck me, because in many ways it shows the work that we do coming full circle. Knowing that I was able to help inspire someone to pursue a similar career path to mine, and on top of it to have them attend my alma mater, is about as rewarding as it gets.

Science Club has clearly done its job in encouraging young women dream bigger with Neira’s aspiration to cure cancer. It also aligns perfectly with Millennium’s mantra, “We Aspire to Cure Cancer.”

Brendan, we and the young women in the media team are so lucky to have you!

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