Mentors who go the extra mile – Pt. 1

It’s National Mentoring Month and there’s been a host of activities to celebrate the amazing women and men who share their time and wisdom with the next generation, or the previous generation.


We want to share three examples to illustrate the generosity of our mentors, beyond the time they give guiding science experiments. We are touched by the special relationships they have with their mentees in clubs, and always pleasantly surprised, though we shouldn’t be by now, that many of our mentors go out of their way to deepen and extend their relationship with our girls. Note that the note below is but one incidence. They take extra time to write similar letters, bake cookies, host lab trips, and even take one or a group on a nail spa day. So awesome.

Exhibit A. A really thoughtful note at the end of the semester Click to see larger image
Mentor Letter

The text

Dear Emmanuella,

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic semester at Science Club for Girls. Your enthusiasm, curiosity and kindness really showed through, and they really helped to make this a wonderful experience for my co-mentors and I.

I really wanted to emphasize that I believe you can really take on the world and do something amazing with your life. You have the energy, the brightness and the passion to really pursue your dreams. These next few years will probably provide a few challenges as you and your peers move into the very difficult waters of middle and high school. People may pressure you to give them your answers or may poke fun at your smartness and enthusiasm for learning (I know because it happened a lot to me while in high school), but do your best to persevere and remain true to yourself. If you make it through these next few years, you will have amazing things ahead of you.

My email is Please feel free to get in touch with me about whatever, whenever, if you need any advice or anything at all. Thanks again for a great semester!

Lauren, your SCFG Mentor.

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