Natalie Johnson’s Letter to her young self

Natalie is a mathematician, business owner, programmer and teacher. She is the founder and CEO of READit, a consulting firm dedicated to closing the achievement gap through data.

Hey There New Baby,

Look into your future. Do you see what I see? You are running to kindergarten with your friends – full of excitement to join in and sing with your classmates about the weather, the state capitols and basic math facts; you are walking with your best friend to elementary school – sharing stories about what happened yesterday in physics and how your lab assignment turned out compared to your peers; you are sending a text blast to 2000 of your high school friends across the globe to share ideas and tricks to win the electronic chess game that you all started months ago; you are balancing college life, your social life and your 1 million tweets from your successful virtual business – all while deciding whether or not you will continue to live in space or move back to Earth after you proudly obtain your PhD in STEM…

Hey there, New Baby! You go girl with your new self and new, innovative mind!


Natalie in her Brownie uniform

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