Congratulations to the National Girls Collaborative Project’s 10th anniversary

Science Club for Girls is a proud member of the National Girls Collaborative Project. This National Science Foundation funded initiative is the brainchild of Karen Peterson, executive director of the EdLab Group. Karen was recently recognized by STEMConnector as one of the 100 Women Leaders in STEM!

Karen’s vision was to create connections between community organizations, universities, and science, technology, engineering companies, who all have different resources and expertise to bring to the table. She and her amazing team have doggedly identified leaders to create signature collaboratives around the country, and are in 38 states in the US.

Regional collaboratives (including the Southern New England Collaborative Project of which we are part) can give out mini-grants to jumpstart new programs, so girls in K-12 have access to high quality STEM programs and to role models.

Congratulations again to Karen and her team, as well as all our sister organizations and programs in the network! Read more about their history and celebrations during the week of Sept 17-22 here. And follow our tweets on the morning on Sept 21! #CelebrateNGCP

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