Nicole’s Letter to Her High School Self

Dear Nicole,

You’ve made it to high school! Congratulations. In this new academic environment, you’ll find your share of obstacles and challenges, but keep your head up. It is here where your curiosity will soar, but you will be unsure how to embrace it. Your freshman year of Honors Biology will make you question your unwavering love for science. You will second guess yourself and your intellect. You will be unsure if that part of yourself that always asks questions, always observes, always hypothesizes is gone forever.

Then the sun will come up. You will take Advanced Chemistry, and you will find your place. The mathematical analysis. The predictable unpredictability of the elements. The teacher that makes you believe in yourself like you used to. Chemistry is where you find your stride, and this stride will carry you into Boston College, where your passion takes hold and you will find direction.

If I have any advice for you, it’s to remain hopeful and curious. In these four years, your life will take a number of unpredictable turns, but your family and your love for learning will ground you.

21 year old Nicole

P.S. Stop drinking so much ginger ale! It has more sugar in it than you think…

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