Not Any Other Award Celebration

Are you wondering what the program will be like at our Catalyst Award Celebration on November 19th? Read on. Wondering if it will just be boring? It’s definitely NOT.

First, it’s not a sit down dinner, so plenty of opportunity to mingle, with your friends, with other professionals, AND with our honorees–all for a good cause. We also have delicious food so you will feel sated.


Second, our girls will be there–not to make long speeches, but to show you cool projects. The rocket team will be there with their, em, rockets, for example.


Third, we always have an interactive activity. Last year it was fluffy electronic chicks that chirped when guests completed a circuit. (Guess how).

20131028-205658.jpg 20131028-210043.jpg
The year before was skewering a balloon without having it pop. People talk about these activities for DAYS afterwards.

Yes there will be a short program featuring our honorees. Be prepared to be inspired.

Hope to see you! Bring a friend.

Purchase tickets here. Thanks!!

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