Not quite drowning in technology

We’re very excited to have started a few technology programs in the last year. With these programs came new gadgets that were made possible by grants and in-kind donations. We have smartphones to test the mobile apps that girls built. We have new (and used) laptops to support our game and web development programs. The media team uses video cameras and built-in recorders and cameras on smartphones to document what’s going on in the clubs, to interview experts and cool apps to edit the digital artifacts in real time.

And yes, we still have old fashioned as well as digital microscopes and other cool equipment for our science clubs.

So to make sure we keep our heads above the technology inventory waters, we turned to MyAssetTag, a provider of asset tags and inventory labels. They have been very generous and we at Science Club for Girls want to give a big thanks to them for helping us keep track of the cool technology and equipment that enrich girls’ learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Do you know where your smartphone #15 is?

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