Our Rocket Team is amongst top 100 qualified for the national competition!

We are so proud of our Rocket Team members Dina, Tatevick, Alyssa, Hyei In, Jameelah, Marriana, Beverly and Mystique! Please watch their video appeal and make a generous donation so they can travel to the finals and SOAR!

2013 RocketTeam-Launch

One of their two rockets, the Teckorette (points for how they came up with the name) did so well during a qualifying flight that the team is amongst the top 100 in the nation that has been invited to travel to The Plains, Virginia, to participate in the Team America Rocketry Challenge GRAND FINALS on May 11th!

TARC Logo“In a competition where the lowest score wins, the 2013 cut-off to make the finals was a meager 16.12”, said the TARC folks. So how well did Teckorette and the team do? Their score was 4. Yes, you read that right. F.O.U.R.

How’s the score calculated?

The competition requires that the rocket remain in the air for 48-50 seconds from launch till landing, acheive a height of 750 feet, while carrying a raw egg. Any cracks or breakage of the egg disqualifies the flight. The score is derived from a formula, and increases with the deviation from the time and height requirement.

Teckorette was right on in terms of flight duration, and flew to 754 feet during the qualifying flight. Of course, the team had to design and build a rocket that also fulfills these other requirements.

Rocket flight

Thank you to Tim Dawson-Townsend, Lisa Johnson, Marty Sweeney and Sydney Giblin from Aurora Flight Sciences Cambridge for being terrific mentors. Our Mass Promise Fellow Meghna Marjadi has been instrumental in orchestrating the team and supporting the mentors. Thanks also to Aurora and the Mass Space Grant Consortium for financial support of our all-girls Rocket Team!

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Want to be a sponsor and help girls soar in STEM? Contact us at scfg@scienceclubforgirls.org


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