Pt. 2: Mentors who go the extra mile
Superheroes in Disguise

This second post in honor of our amazing mentors can also be called, “How and why a Science Club for Girls participant spent a week in Los Angeles”. This post illustrates how the mentoring relationship is not confined to the “official” meeting time. Once the relationship is developed, mentors are always looking out for mentees, and they go out of their way to create opportunities for success–even when it’s out-of-state.

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Mentor Lisa J. in her superhero costume, with mentee Dina
(and yes, photobombed by another mentee, Tati!)

“Dina won the STEM Thor Mentor Adventure!” screeched an email mid-November. We were elated! That meant Dina spent a whole week in southern California, with nine other amazing young women from across the US. They went on unique, behind-the-scenes tours at Disneyland, Dolby, Underwriter’s Lab and more. They learned about STEM and entrepreneurship from amazing scientists and engineers, as well as farmers. STEM is everywhere!

But the SCFG staff were also a bit perplexed. How did Dina hear about it? From our tweets or FB post? Did her school let her know?
Turns out Lisa, Dina’s Rocket Team mentor, who’s an MIT grad and engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences, was the one who told Dina about the contest. As part of the process, Dina had to interview a woman in STEM (well, hello Lisa) and also submit a video talking about this mentor and her own interest in STEM. Reserved by nature (that’s why we didn’t know she had won the contest till afterwards…) it was not easy for Dina to create this video. Lisa coached her and here’s their great product. (Click image to play video.)


Congratulations to Dina, not only for winning an adventure of a lifetime, but having a mentor for a lifetime, and apparently, also nine more friends for life. And while we understand why you kept a low profile, not “wanting to let this get to your head”, we are immensely proud of you!
Congratulations to Lisa, for being a mentor who always makes herself available, not only for Dina, but for her other mentees. Your enthusiasm for life and love for engineering are infectious. Thank you.
And congratulations and thank you to Natalie Portman and the many eager mentors and role models who were part of this contest for encouraging these young women, and many more, the exciting careers that are open to them.

Click the image below to see a short video of the Ultimate Mentor Adventure highlights, including some star struck moments at the Thor: The Dark World premier.


Itching to be a STEM mentor? Join in the mentor movement by signing on the Million Women Mentors campaign, or check out opportunities with us.

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