Pt. 3: Mentors who go the extra mile
Sharing talent & treasure

This third post in honor of National Mentoring Month highlights a couple of mentors who expand the SCFG family by inviting their own circles to contribute to our cause. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.


Our mentors already give A LOT of their time, from training to preparation, to being actually on site, and then meeting afterwards with our teen mentors or staff to review and recap. Most of our mentors are students or early in their careers (i.e. steeped in student debt), so we always feel extra special when they contribute to our campaigns, no matter the value.

Genevieve and Kathryn are mentors who went even further out of their way, to bring their family and more in to our fold! It’s almost like having your family support your dance marathon. These mentors have put in their sweat equity so to speak, and so when they ask–their families listen!

Case #1
Genevieve L., a “pathologically curious” mechanical engineer, started to mentor a club in Cambridge in Fall 2010, when she was getting her Masters degree. In Fall 2011, a year-end donation was given by someone with the same last name, from a different state, in her honor. The next summer, as an employee, Genevieve voluntarily initiated a grant from her company’s foundation. This past winter, we received a call from her parents asking how to send us a donation! I would add pathologically persuasive to Genevieve’s descriptor.

Case #2
Kathryn Rodgers writes eloquently in her letter to us about why, as a scientist and researcher, the girls who participate in Science Club for Girls are important to her.

Her letter
We are grateful to Genevieve, Kathryn, and so many others for taking the time to tell your family, friends and employers about what you believe in, and convincing them, in far more powerful ways that we can, to support our free programs financially.

If you are inclined and also pathologically persuasive and persistent, consider having your friends and family give to Science Club for Girls for your birthday, for when you ace an exam, or just because. You can easily build an electronic fundraising page, or, just use a tin can around your dorm!

Join in the mentor movement by signing on the Million Women Mentors campaign, or check out opportunities with us.

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