Reasons I LOVE Science Club For Girls. A parent’s perspective

“Guess what we did today?!” This is one of the best parts of my Saturday; Science Club for Girls has just ended and my wonderfully smart, curious, funny nine-year-old daughter and ten-year-old niece run up to me, exploding with excitement about the experiment their cohort has just tried. Whether they create their own fossils or are trying to “turn a hard chicken bone rubbery so we can get the minerals out”, every Science Club Saturday is an adventure that they share with each other and with me. The smiles, creativity, and positivity about science are awe-inspiring.

There are so many reasons to love this program. Here are my top 5:

Reason #1: My Daughter is NEVER bored in Science Club
A week doesn’t go by where my daughter comes home from Science Club looking for more information about what they did that day. I will find her on YouTube and other sites looking for similar experiments. What’s more, she thinks about the experiments long after they’re finished. Questions like, “Did you know…” and “I wonder why…” are routine. SCFG gets these young women thinking.

Reason #2: The young women that lead the club are amazing!
These women are patient, kind, friendly, and of course, scientists! They connect with the younger girls in a way that inspires respect and learning. They are always prepared with their materials and work hard to teach the girls science while having a great time!


Reason #3: The group is incredibly diverse
It is truly wonderful to see girls of all backgrounds coming together in the name of science. SCFG offers an experience that couldn’t happen 40 years ago: first, because they’re girls and secondly, because they come from such diverse ethnicities.

Reason #4: The organization asks so little of the families, yet our girls get so much.
SCFG is a free program, but make no mistake, the experience is easily worth $200 per session. It’s almost mind boggling to think about the incredible value of the program. Parents are asked to do very little aside from send in recycled products and go to the occasional fundraiser at a local restaurant where part of the bill will be donated to the club.

Reason #5: SCFG is working to break gender stereotypes about women in science
My daughter is a girl that loves science. Science Club for Girls encourages her and helps us, her parents, instill in her the idea that science is for girls too, and that she can be a scientist one day if she wants to. It is entirely possible that one day she will decide to go in a different direction career wise. The fact remains, however, that her curiosity is being fostered and the door to a career in science remains open to her.


Marie Wilson of The White House Project once said, “you can’t be what you can’t see.” The young women that lead the girls in their groups are great role models. They show our daughters what being a woman in science looks like and they imprint an idea in their imaginations about what they could be when they grow up. They challenge the norms that are long-standing in our society and close out the idea that science is only for boys. Girl Power is assumed, appreciated, and encouraged.

Now who wouldn’t LOVE Science Club for Girls?

Thank you so much to Michelle Stanfield-Adams for contributing this post! If you want to share your experience as a parent or volunteer, send us an email at, or write a short review at You CAN ensure our programs are free for ALL girls by making a donation.

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