SCFG Stories: From Simmons Intern to Teen Program Coordinator

Alissa Sullivan


My Science Club for Girls journey began last September when I joined the team

as a Simmons College Intern. It was through an established connection between SCFG

and the Simmons College Psychology Department, that three others and I were given the

opportunity to work at Science Club in order to complete the fieldwork course

requirement within our degrees. I was ecstatic to join an organization that supports young

girls in STEM, though as a Psychology major I worried whether I would be able to

answer a lot of the science-based questions the girls would inevitably ask. However, after

my first day at clubs it was clear to me that SCFG teaches way more than just science,

and that I had plenty to share with the teens.

Over the year, I repeatedly watched the adults of Science Club teach the teens

lessons in friendship, teamwork, leadership, and confidence. It was fantastic to see the

girls evolve so much throughout the school year, and I could hardly believe how fast the

year went when had May arrived.

My last official day as an intern was spent at the annual CELLSebration event,

which I found incredibly fitting because it gave me a chance to not only reflect on all of

the girls’ hard work, but also on my own Science Club for Girls experience. I left with a

feeling of fulfillment that I hadn’t ever experienced before. It was incredible to think that

my small part in the organization may make the difference in one or more of the girls’

futures. It was bittersweet to say goodbye, but I left knowing it wouldn’t be the last time

Science Club would be apart of my life.

It was just last month that I had the chance to rejoin the Science Club for Girls

team not as an intern, but as the new Teen Program Coordinator. It’s been great to

reconnect with everyone, and I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to be apart of

SCFG again. I can’t wait for the new year to begin, and for my next chapter at Science

Club for Girls to start.


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