SCFG’s Tech Team Triumphs

3 groups from SCFG’s Technology Challenge Team (Tech Team), competed in the 2016 Technovation Challenge. The Technovation Challenge is an annual worldwide app creation competition started by Dr. Anuranjita Tewary, a leading female “technovator” and entrepreneur!

Along with a team of mentors (Sarada Symonds, Aubrey Colter, Marshall Gillson, and Olaide Olambiwonnu), SCFG Teen Program Manager, Brandy Freitas, facilitated a year-long Challenge Team where girls learned coding and app development. Throughout the Spring, the 3 teams worked at the VMware Community Lab in Cambridge to create mobile apps that addressed social issues.

Team Ineffable consisted of Bethany Turay, Asiyah Herrera, and Denada Bakiasi. They created an app called Dulcet, which addresses the global epidemic of depression in adolescents. It allows users to track their depression, perform a self-assessment, and connects them to resources including therapists and hotlines.

In March, Tech Team ran an app usability study at the MIT Museum; the study was free, open to the public, and helped the girls make final improvements to their apps before the Regional Pitch.


In the Regional Finals, held at Microsoft New England on May 5th, Team GoSeeDo came in 7th place with their teen-inspired app. Mariana Mariani, Bella Antonelli, and Kayalani Antonelli cleverly named their team after the name of their app, GoSeeDo, which connects teens to events, programs, and classes in their area based on their interests. The app allows teens to develop a passion, drive and productive nature.

Team Rosie came in 3rd place at the Regional Pitch and continued to rock the world of technology when they became 1 of just 94 teams in the world to advance to the next round! Team Rosie’s Trace app was selected to compete in the World Semi-Finals!

team rosie

Hannah Phan, Lucy Xu, and Marcella Kamishlian invented TRACE, an app that alleviates women’s travel insecurities by making traveling a safer experience. TRACE utilizes a phone’s GPS and texting capabilities to create a virtual “buddy system” where friend(s) are updated in real time by text on the user’s progress and safety as she travels. If a user feels threatened, they can press a button which will inconspicuously send a buddy their location and ask them to call. TRACE hopes to provide women, whose travel safety is inherently a larger concern, the security of knowing that someone is looking out for them and that help is always just a click away.

The entire SCFG community is so proud of Team Rosie and all of our Tech Team participants and mentors. World class inventions, started right here in the SCFG sisterhood. Here’s to another year of ground-breaking teen programs!

Interested in seeing these apps in action? Our Tech Team teens also created videos to pitch and show their apps. Click below to explore.




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