Thanks to SapientNitro for Laptop Donation

First off, hearty congratulations to Joe Morgan for tying the knot recently. In spite of hectic wedding planning last fall, he managed to convince his boss Tom Bailey, Director of Experience Technology; the Executive Creative Director as well as the Head of IT at SapientNitro to donate a set of retiring macbook pros to support Science Club for Girls’ emerging technology programs for teen girls.
Joe is an example of a STEMinist, someone who really gets the importance of inclusiveness and diversity, and able to identify and rally those with the similar principles, and otherwise convince others to stand for the cause. Here are some sobering facts from an equity perspective:

• One in seven engineers is female; and minority women represent fewer than 1 in 10 of employed scientists and engineers.
• College women’s participation in engineering and computer sciences remains below 30%.

Together with Joe and other male allies and STEMinists, Science Club for Girls is lowering the barrier of entry for girls, especially those from underrepresented groups, to engage with technology in fun and supportive environments. This opens up the door for their future participation–in academics and in the workforce.

monster programming

THANK YOU, Joe for devoting time internally to make the donation happen, and thank you, to all the IT folks at SapientNitro for taking time out of your work to help get the machines ready for us. We know that it’s no small feat to wipe a machine and prep it for donation. So if it’s any easier, you (the reader) can contribute cash to the Laptop Challenge here. THANK YOU FOR CHANGING THE FACE OF TECHNOLOGY!!

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