“Write Us Letters All The Time Telling Us All Your Science Adventures”

Note: We often talk about the impact of our clubs on the girls and mentors who participate. The bonds formed in clubs are strong!
 This is no less true for the staffers who make these clubs happen. The SCFG program staff is a group of dedicated, talented and passionate people. They love their work and they love “their” girls.
 Sometimes they leave us – often to pursue their own further educational opportunities. This spring we say goodbye to Tarah McGregor, program manager for our Lawrence clubs. We met Tarah when she signed up as a volunteer mentor; she was such a great mentor, we later hired her! While she has been working with us, she has also been a student. Following her graduation from Northern Essex Community College this spring, she’ll be leaving us to follow her dream of a four-year degree (in science!).
 Tarah did a moving series of social media posts during her last week of science clubs. We are grateful for her permission to share these reflections on the relationships and impact of her work at SCFG. Above all, we are grateful for Tarah as a shining example of the spirit of Science Club for Girls. – Lonsdale Koester, Executive Director

  IMG_5072April 25th: Last day part 1 of 5. Said goodbyes to my kids and my adults.


April 26th: Last day part 2 of 5. Today one of my teens said probably the best thing anyone has ever said about me. She said she is grateful for me because I’ve taught her that strong women can have tattoos, defy societal conventions and still be kind and compassionate women who change the world. Of course I cried, I was touched to my very soul by her words. If that is the legacy I am leaving behind, it’s one I’m extremely proud of.

IMG_5074 IMG_5075

April 27th: Last Day part 3 of 5. Today, when my girls heard I was leaving they picked a dandelion and came up to hand it to me and give me a hug. I ended up with quite a nice bouquet and a teary face when I saw a few of them crying. They have promised to write me letters, I promised every letter would get a response. Today I am thankful for young girls with big hearts and big dreams.


April 28th: Last day part 4 of 5. Today I said goodbye to a very special group of girls that I’ve grown very close to. When I gave them the news, we all cried through it together. I reminded them how beautifully unique they are, that they will always have someone out there who loves them very much, and to never give up on their dreams. One of my second graders while sitting on my lap crying said “I think all of us agree Miss, we’re sad you’re leaving us but we know it’s not forever and we are so happy you are going to school for your dreams. Just don’t forget us please and write us letters all the time telling us all your science adventures.” My teens and I reflected on our time with them after and they thanked me for helping them through tough times and I did the same, I’m grateful for each and every beautiful soul I’ve come in contact with through this program. I love you all to space and back again. Once I stop crying, I’m loading up on stamps.


April 29th: Last Day part 5 of 5. Today it ended in the same room it began in 2 years ago on my first day as a volunteer. Girls from past semesters came to say goodbyes, which touched my soul, and girls who couldn’t be there said they’d write me. Reflecting on the changes over the last two years is overwhelming, these kids have taught me more than I ever hoped I could teach them. They’ve been my inspiration, my drive and my heart and will continue to be that for many years to come. As I walk away from my last club I’m thankful for every child, teen and adult that has crossed my path thanks to this program and overwhelmed by the support they’ve given me as I end this chapter of my life and forge a new one. Even from afar, I’ll be watching them do the same in the coming years with endless pride as they tackle the world.














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