"SCFG fosters excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering & mathematics"

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Our Organization

Since its founding in 1994, Science Club for Girls (SCFG) has provided the very best in girls-specific programming by connecting girls in K-12 grades, especially those from underrepresented groups, with female mentor-scientists through free science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in a fun, nurturing, interactive environment. Our club-based model fosters both scientific thinking and sisterhood for our youngest participants.  Our teen leadership programs give girls the opportunity to be role models, teach young children science, learn life skills, conduct science research in applied settings, and explore careers in science and technology.

With fully 80% of the fastest growing jobs in the next decade requiring capabilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, our efforts to increase interest and promote career awareness in these fields are essential to ensure the economic security for underrepresented groups and their communities. Out-of-school-time programs like Science Club for Girls are incredibly important to narrowing the achievement gap and to assuring the long-term economic competitiveness for the state and the country, as outlined in the MA Governor’s Plan for Excellence in STEM Education and in President Obama’s Educate to Innovate campaign, including the Change the Equation initiative.

Our work and our organization have been recognized by national and local organizations.

Vision, Mission, Values & Target Population

Science Club for Girls envisions catalyzing a fully diverse and inclusive STEM community.  Our mission is to “foster excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM for girls, particularly from underrepresented communities, by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

The core values of Science Club for Girls include the following:

Science Club for Girls fosters leadership.

Science Club for Girls is a catalyst for equity in STEM.

Science Club for Girls affirms college as an expectation and STEM careers as an option.

Science Club for Girls represents the communities we serve through a diverse group of staff and volunteers, and by offering culturally responsive environments and programs.

Science Club for Girls is a voice for change in the global conversation promoting diversity in STEM.

Science Club for Girls embraces the whole girl – encouraging both her academic and social-emotional development through partnerships and programs.

Science Club for Girls operates its programs guided by the principles of sisterhood, scientific thinking, lifelong learning, leadership, joyfulness, respect for diversity, and commitment to individuals.



Science Club for Girls was founded in 1994 as a grassroots organization by Beth O’Sullivan and Mary McGowan, two parents in Cambridge, Massachusetts who were concerned with issues of gender equity in math, science, and technology. More