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Meet Aniya: SCFG Junior Mentor & Participant for 7 Years

Aniya is a current 9th grader who has been involved with Science Club for Girls for 7 years, since she was in 3rd grade. After participating in our Science Clubs for 6 years, Aniya became a Junior Mentor, our leadership development program through which students in grades 8-12 deepen their STEM-learning while serving as near-peer mentors and role models for participants in the K-8 grade Clubs.

We are excited to highlight Aniya as she embodies so much of what is at the heart of Science Club for Girls: the development of girls and young women as strong individuals within a supportive community who, together, grow their passion for STEM.

Once a very "shy" child who says that when it came to talking to people, she "tended to always mess up," Aniya now eagerly steps into leadership roles and says she feels much more comfortable speaking in front of a group. Her mother, Peggy, says,

"Science Club for Girls has definitely improved Aniya's confidence and leadership skills and made her more outgoing."

Both Aniya and her mother attribute these changes to SCFG's supportive community, getting to teach STEM concepts and lead activities for younger participants as a Junior Mentor, and ample opportunities to practice leadership skills in a nurturing environment.

Aniya in 3rd grade when she started with SCFG

"Being in Science Club for Girls and being a Junior Mentor has taught me to use my voice more." -Aniya

Watch the short video below to hear directly from Aniya and Peggy about Aniya's SCFG experience. See Aniya 7 years ago as a 3rd grader receiving her completion certificate at the end of Science Club...and see her now, leading an activity for a group of middle school girls at our Summer Rocketry Program!

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