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"My favorite part about Science Club"

Science Club for Girls makes STEM interesting and FUN!

But don't just take it from us...

Click below to hear directly from a young scientist:

"When we do Science Club, I'm always so excited on Saturdays, because it's like my favorite class now...and they always make me happy because it's fun, and it's also very interesting, cause I never knew this stuff!"

Help Science Club for Girls reach the 233 girls on our waiting list and ensure that more curious young minds are exposed to the joys and wonders of STEM!

And the extra good news? Your donation will be matched by the Farfy Foundation!

Thank you so much for your support!

Other ways to donate:

  1. Make a gift of stock or other securities. Click here for stock transfer instructions

  2. Donate from your Donor Advised Fund. Click here to donate fro DAF Direct!

  3. Mail a check payable to Science Club for Girls to:

Science Club for Girls

136 Magazine St. #2

Cambridge, MA 02139

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