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Welcoming new staff to the team!

We are thrilled to introduce you to two new members of our team!

Evelyn Gonzalez joined Science Club for Girls' program team on September 1st in the newly created role of Program Recruitment Manager. Evelyn will lead recruitment of mentors and participants, build relationships with new and existing partners, and ensure volunteers have the training, tools, and support they need to be the best mentors they can be! Previously, Evelyn was the Special Projects & Volunteer Coordinator at Bunker Hill Community College. She is originally from Mendota, California (the 'Cantaloupe Capital of the World'!) and is pursuing her Masters in Education Policy at Boston University.

Tanya Miller will be interning with the SCFG team through May 2021 through the University of Connecticut's Helen Gurley Brown BOLD Fellowship Program. Tanya graduated from UConn this past May as a Physiology and Neurobiology Honors Scholar. She brings an array of talents to SCFG; last summer, Tanya produced the documentary “#ILookLikeADoctor” to increase visibility of female physicians and encourage young women to pursue careers in medicine. Read more about Tanya and Evelyn's backgrounds here. Please join us in welcoming Tanya and Evelyn our small but mighty team!

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