Past Teams


Science Club for Girls’ Rocket Team is a group of girls who get together every other Saturday at MIT with the help of Professor Peter Young and his undergraduate mentors. We compete in Team America Rocketry Challenge.

We are the only all girl group competing in this great rocket challenge. In 2005, the Rocket Team made a rocket that flew 1,125 ft up in the air. We made it to alternate list in finals. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to Virginia to show that girls can do whatever the boys can do too. The rocket team will make it this year!! This year, the teams who make it to the finals will build a rocket that will fly for the longest amount of time. We have already started building our rockets at MIT.

Dr. Peter Young is a senior lecturer at MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has taught us so much about rockets. He has given up his time on Saturdays to teach us rocket science. He has taught us how to build them also! He has inspired girls to keep coming every year because we are so excited about learning and about the environment in which we learn (MIT.) Professor Young hasn’t just made this a learning experience for us, but he’s made us realize that this can be a fun career for some of us in the future. And, the future isn’t that far away.

Girls from the Rocket Club: we can’t go back and say we haven’t learned anything in our years of middle and high school. Because we have, and it is about rockets!!!!

The Boston Globe wrote an interesting article on the Rocket Team the year of the Challenger accident in .

Read about the team’s accomplishments.



Mentors: Ariane Chepko, Stephanie Couch and Anuja Mahashabde

A record number of ~20 high school girls from Cambridge, Boston, Lexington, Arlington, Worcester participated in our All Girls Rocket Team, hosted by MIT’s AeroAstro Department and Science Club for Girls.

The teams spent the fall building and launching model rockets. They then used RockSim to design their rockets to meet TARC specs in the fall and built their rockets in winter. The preliminary launch was March 14th and the Rockets flew beautifully (photos below). Check out the videos of this maiden launch! The team redesigned and reinforced rockets to participate in the qualifying races for the TARC challenge in April. Photos here.