Try this at Home

Hey Kids and Parents! Can’t get enough science and engineering?

Check out these cool websites, or find a
program for girls near you.

Science Projects

Crystal Clear Science Fair Projects

Low and high cost science fair project ideas and kits from Dr. Shawn

Interactive websites and online communities

Great for younger kids
For teen and tween girls
For high school girls

For high school girls

Think all scientists are geeky? Think again! Check out these photos and videos of super cool scientists who are also artists, models, dancers etc. An ongoing project of Science House.

Podcasts from Women In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ON THE AIR!

Especially for tweens and teen girls

This fun, online community shows you how you can change the world!
Join Lia in learning more about the lives of ten women scientists and engineers and their cool discoveries. Lia also recommends these other cool websites.
A membership-based website where you can ask Zoey and other mentor questions, post your work, and win prizes!
Thinking about what it means to be an engineer? This site is for you.

Great for younger kids

Activities and online community as well as news about the awesome TV program.

Activities designed for parents and children to do at home. Suitable for pre-schoolers.