What Parents Need To Know

Enrolling your daughter

Applications for enrollment in Science Club for Girls programs are available online and at most of our participating open enrollment sites. For application information CLICK HERE

Parents’ Obligations

Please be sure that your daughter is picked up on time, and that you sign out with Science Club for Girls before leaving. If your daughter participates in Extended Day or After-School programs immediately following her club, simply indicate this on the application.

Please be sure that your child understands that, during the Clubs, her science club mentor-scientists are in charge. This means that she must stay with the group in the classroom and follow all directions and guidelines.

In addition, regular attendance throughout the semester is expected. Please do not deny another girl the opportunity to participate if your daughter is not able to attend regularly.


AFTERSCHOOL K-6 SCIENCE CLUB PROGRAMS ONLY – We ask each family as they are able to provide a snack for their daughter’s club for one week each semester.


As a parent founded, free, afterschool program we are dependent upon the support of donations to thrive and grow. Science Clubs for Girls is a 501(c)3 organization; therefore any contribution is tax deductible. You may also write checks and make money orders payable to “Science Club for Girls.” You can also make an online donation. We appreciate donations of all sizes, but would really welcome a recurring donation of $10 or more per month! Thank you!

Parent Involvement

We would love to have parents more involved in the Clubs. If you would like to volunteer in a program or to join any committees, please contact our Program Operations Manager, Olga Gorokhovsky.

Although we welcome parents to volunteer for the Clubs, we do not usually place parents as mentors in their daughter’s club. While we encourage parental participation, we have found that if parents stay in their daughter’s club, their daughters have less interaction and teamwork with other club members.

Thank you for your interest and we hope that we will be hearing from you soon!