Community Resources

Below is a listing of varied opportunities, events, and resources our community may be interested in.*
*Please note that inclusion in this list does not necessarily represent endorsement by Science Club for Girls as we have not explored and vetted all of these opportunities. 

Organization: Harvard University - Lab for Developmental Studies

Type of event/opportunity: Research study

Cost: Free / Compensation for taking part in this study includes a $5 Amazon gift card after the online session, and children receive $20, two prizes (such as board games, puzzle, card game, craft materials etc.), and can elect to receive an anatomical image of their own brain for taking part in neuroimaging activities.

Date(s): 06/14/2022 to 07/31/2022

Location: 1 online session on Zoom, 1 in-person session on Harvard Campus (52 Oxford Street, Cambridge)

Description: Our study is looking at how children's brains learn abstract concepts, and is designed as a series of games (with numbers, shapes, and words) and short educational videos (about math and grammar) that children play online first (45 minutes), then during a brain imaging session (2 hours).