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I'm not sure where I would be today if it were not for Science Club for Girls. I started in third grade where, over time, gum drop architecture turned into dissecting fish which turned into talking about theoretical physics with my senior mentor. Those experiences encouraged me to select AP science courses, major in honors biochemistry in college, and lead a research project as a freshman in a microbiology lab.

Science Club for Girls is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible (tax ID 14-1892866).


Please use the form below to make an online donation (either as a one-time gift or recurring donation) or send a check, payable to Science Club for Girls at the following address:

Science Club for Girls
136 Magazine St
Cambridge, MA 02139

We are grateful for your support, which will help us expand the world of possibilities for underrepresented girls and gender-expansive youth in STEM through our experiential and mentorship-based programming.

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