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What does a SCFG Mentor do? 

Our mentors include undergraduate students, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, industry professionals and more! All of our mentors study or work in STEM-related fields. Mentors volunteer at one of the in-person or virtual clubs—dedicating two hours a week to building meaningful, bidirectional relationships with participants, Junior Mentors and their fellow volunteers over the course of the 8-week semester. 

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Why Mentor with SCFG? 

Though women comprise about half of the national workforce, only 29% of STEM employees are women, with Black and Latina women making up about 4%. SCFG therefore addresses a critical need, offering a continuum of engaging STEM activities for our participants—80% of whom are from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM. Our programing is formative and provides participants with a supportive community that reinforces their potential and encourages them to stick with STEM as they grow. We believe that our participants need role models that look like them and share similar life experiences in order to envision themselves in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. This is why we seek a diverse group of enthusiastic, passionate volunteers to connect with our amazing young scientists, technologists and engineers as they build confidence and explore what a future career in STEM could look like. 

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What is Science Club for Girls?

Science Club for Girls (SCFG) aims to foster excitement, literacy and confidence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in girls and gender-expansive youth from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and maximizing meaningful interactions with women-in-STEM mentors. In the nearly three decades since its inception, SCFG has continued to provide programming for youth across the Greater Boston region, allowing our K-12 participants to collaborate with women mentor-scientists to complete hands-on activities in all areas of STEM in a fun, nurturing, interactive environment. Our in-person and virtual programs currently serve 625 participants, with in-person afterschool programs operating at The Amigos and King Open Schools in Cambridge, Prospect Hill Academy in Cambridge, East Somerville Community School in Somerville, and Mother Caroline Academy in Dorchester.


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