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SCFGLive! is Now on Comcast Xfinity!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Science Club for Girls is excited to announce that our live science show, SCFGLive!, is now available on-demand on Comcast Xfinity!

Simply say “Science Club for Girls” into your Xfinity voice-activated remote to watch your favorite SCFGLive! episodes or catch up on the fun you may have missed. With our new Comcast Xfinity partnership, girls and families can access SCFG programming from Virginia to Maine! SCFGLive! engages the whole family—especially girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade—with hands-on, interactive STEM experiments. Be sure to share SCFGLive! with a young scientist in your life today.

About SCFGLive!

In April 2020, Science Club for Girls pivoted to virtual programming—developing new virtual programs to best serve our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that the communities we prioritize serving—girls who are underrepresented in STEM by race and/or socioeconomic factors—were among those hardest hit by the pandemic, we listened to families’ needs and quickly adapted to provide a variety of new modes and platforms of programming to accommodate families’ different capacities during the pandemic.

Families with younger participants expressed the need for activities during the quarantine and school closures, as many parents do not have the option to work from home and manage girls’ virtual learning. It was important that our virtual programs be based on the same guiding principles that form the foundation of our in-person programming: equity of access, hands-on activities and mentoring, representation and role modeling.

From these considerations, we created SCFGLive!, a weekly LIVE science show—born out of a collaboration with the Central Square Business Improvement District—with interactive, engaging content for a kindergarten through 5th grade audience. After producing the first few episodes, we found SCFGLive! to be an effective vehicle for increasing our reach and reducing the barriers to high-quality STEM education. We began producing weekly episodes of SCFGLive! with hands-on experiments and special guest scientists in all STEM fields in April 2020 and have since broadcasted 55 episodes, which have garnered over 100,000 views to date!

The success of SCFGLive! would not be possible without the help of our many broadcasting partners; including seven local media outlets:

  1. CCTV Cambridge Community Television and Xia Rondeau

  2. Somerville Media Center and Dave Ortega

  3. Boston Neighborhood Network Media and Glenn Williams

  4. Brookline Interactive Group and Andrew Doig and Ann Theis

  5. Lawrence Community Access Television and Daniel Rajczyk , and

  6. Lowell TeleMedia Center and Steve Manock.

  7. Worcester Community Cable Access

The show airs on Friday afternoons on our Facebook and Youtube Live pages. All episodes are recorded and available to view on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website—offering flexibility to families with limited ability to engage in real-time programming. Each episode is publicized on SCFG’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Through our new partnership with Comcast Xfinity, families from Virginia to Maine can now enjoy access to SCFGLive! and the entertaining education it offers. This opportunity allows young scientists to remain engaged in STEM while on summer break and in preparation for the school year ahead.

SCFGLive! engages girls and the whole family with hands-on STEM activities and experiments. The show’s format uses puppets and music to capture the excitement and curiosity of a young audience and enhance the week’s STEM lesson. Special guest stars include participants and mentors from our Science Clubs—as well as women in STEM professionals who are themselves underrepresented in STEM—both seasoned and young, up-and-coming from our prioritized communities. In this way, SCFGLive! reinforces SCFG’s mission, allowing girls to ‘see themselves in STEM’ and to increase representation of underrepresented communities in these fields. SCFGLive! provides yet another way in which SCFG exposes parents, families, and young girls to the many opportunities available to them, as they follow their curiosity and continue their STEM education.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Season 4!

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