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Adina Chasan-Taber (she/her)

Partnerships & Events Coordinator

Adina’s love for science began as a child when she would stargaze with her dad in their driveway. She went on to study Science in Society with a concentration in Astronomy and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a minor in Planetary Science at Wesleyan University. Through her studies and experiences facing injustice in STEM classrooms, Adina has become passionate about extending STEM opportunities to those who have historically been excluded from the field. After graduation Adina spent the summer as an Environmental Educator at Mass Audubon Day Camps where she got to experience hands-on joyful STEM education. Following this she served as Event Coordinator for the Cambridge Science Festival where she managed 250 citywide events and engaged the Cambridge community with accessible science. Adina is motivated by the mission of SCFG and is excited to be a part of a team that is as dedicated to inspiring young girls and gender expansive youth as she is.

"My favorite woman in STEM is Henrietta Swan Leavitt who is responsible for discovering the relationship between period and luminosity in Cepheid variables (pulsating stars that have varying brightness). This finding led to our modern day ability to measure our distance from galaxies and stars!"

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Adina Chasan-Taber (she/her)
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