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Ahlam Said (she/her)

Communications & Marketing Manager

Ahlam Said is a seasoned digital strategist with over 15 years of expertise in community organizing, communications, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and producing. She has collaborated with social movements and nonprofit organizations, infusing energy into their advocacy, mobilization, and fundraising efforts. Ahlam's professional journey spans a diverse range of experiences, including spearheading digital campaigns for national and local grassroots movements, organizing cultural events to raise funds for livelihood projects abroad, and employing strategic communications to address the most urgent challenges confronting marginalized communities of color. At the core of her work lies a belief in the transformative power of authentic storytelling to move people to take action for a more just and equitable society. Her current commitment is to foster deeper engagement and kindle collective passion for the Science Club for Girls' mission.


"I draw inspiration from Harbia Al Himiary, an engineer in my home country of Yemen who plays a key role in the restoration of historical buildings dating back over 2,500 years, contributing to the preservation of Yemen's rich urban heritage for future generations."

Ahlam Said (she/her)
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