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Anicia Miller (she/her)

Development Associate

Anicia is Science Club for Girls' Development Associate. She is pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a Language Citation in American Sign Language at Harvard University. Anicia is passionate about combating inequalities in education. Her ultimate philanthropic goal is to provide widespread access to science and technology for underrepresented populations. When she isn’t researching ways to innovate prosthetic devices or mentoring students, she is most likely tapping into her creative side. Anicia loves writing poetry that details her perspective on society as a young Black woman. She is in the process of writing and publishing a poetry memoir, which she hopes will inspire young women to be bold, outspoken, and ambitious.


“My favorite woman in STEM is Dr. Korie A. Grayson an engineer, researcher, and advocate for increasing diversity in STEM.”

Anicia Miller  (she/her)
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