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Lydia Morrison (she/her)

SCFGLive! Production Manager

Lydia loves to communicate science. With a Masters of Science from Nobel Laureate Aziz Sançar's laboratory at UNC Chapel Hill and over 10 years of communications experience, she aims to translate complex science into terms everyone can understand, using relatable real world examples.

"Annie Easley is one of the most inspiring women in the history of science. She joined NASA in 1955 where she worked for 34 years, enduring racism and discrimination. She was so committed to learning that she paid for her own classes for a Mathematics degree, after NASA refused to pay for her classes despite a policy of providing funds to employees for classes and training. Easley wrote code that was used as the basis for code used for military, weather and communication satellites. Easley was tenacious, passionate and confident... and so inspiring!"

Lydia Morrison (she/her)
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