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Natasha Baptiste (she/her)

Volunteer Manager

Natasha’s interest in STEM began when, as an applied behavioral therapist, she met a young girl who proudly declared, “I want to be a scientist when I grow up.” This began a years-long journey wherein the two met after school to create robotic limbs, build scientific models, and conduct experiments. Natasha later became a special education teacher with an interest in developing high-quality science inclusion supports for students with IEPs. After teaching, she worked as an employment specialist for a non-profit organization in Boston. She coordinated their first STEM expo, an event which connected local youth to internships, co-ops, and jobs in STEM fields. Natasha is passionate about human development and enjoys cultivating joy in learning. She received a B.A. in English from UMass Boston and a M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism from Cambridge College. 


"I am inspired by Aisha Bowe, a NASA rocket scientist turned entrepreneur. Her journey began in a community college's pre-algebra course and led to an illustrious career in aerospace engineering and business."

Natasha Baptiste (she/her)
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