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Sarah Weiner (she/they)

Senior Program Manager

Sarah has been a science ambassador all around the Boston area for nearly a decade. She grew up stargazing and storytelling in the Rocky Mountains before moving to New England to pursue dual BAs in Astronomy and Physics at Boston University. After graduating in 2014, Sarah ran after-school STEM programming for pre-K through sixth-grade students at the Advent School for two years, and she spent six years as a presenter and educator at the Museum of Science, where she got to engage in topics ranging from lightning to breaking headlines to live animals. Sarah is forever curious about the real human stories behind everything we achieve, especially those of POC and LGBTQ+ scientists whose accomplishments are often overlooked. She looks forward to making STEM topics fun, relevant, and accessible to every member of our community.


"I think everyone should follow the work of Dr. Joy Buolamwini! Her prescient work on the bias in AI is only going to become more important as time goes on. Check out her amazing TED talk!"

Sarah Weiner (she/they)
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