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Telia Stevens (she/her)

SCFGLive! Producer

Telia has been involved with SCFG since she was a seventh grader. Since being

involved in SCFG, she had learned her passion for creativity and its relationship with science.

Growing up in programs such as the Girl Scouts and Girls Who Code, she was made very

aware of the need to help young women feel empowered. In 2023 she became involved in

organizations such as Girls on the Run in order to continue her commitment to building strong

girls, and by becoming the SCFGLive! producer, she believes this will help her connect with

young women and push them to be the best that they can! She has served as a mentor for

many young girls since 2018 through academic and creative settings.

"I am inspired by Dr. Patricia Bath, a laser scientist, ophthalmologist, and pioneer. She is the creator of the laser eye surgery, an important medical procedure that has given many people access to better vision and fuller lives!"

Telia Stevens (she/her)
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