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Cambridge Spring SCFG kicks off

Once again our clubs are filled to capacity, the bags are packed and the volunteer Mentors are ready to get back to doing fun science activities with the girls!

We have two dozen Mentors returning from the fall session and 10 new Mentors. Their enthusiasm for sharing their love of science with young girls is always uplifting and their willingness to donate two and a half hours of their time for eight weeks is inspiring!

Preparing for a new session is not all about recruiting the girls and training the team. It also involves shopping and packing the materials. The group pictured above are employees of KSQ Therapeutics in Cambridge. For the second semester in a row they gave up a lunch hour to help pack materials for clubs in the SCFG storage space. It was fast, efficient, and very messy! 

Thank you KSQ and all the volunteers who are integral to SCFG!

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